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Artist Viktoria Lindahl

Welcome to my Art Studio! I'm glad you've discovered my website and are interested in my artwork.

My name is Viktoria Lindahl. I am a Scandinavian Artist and I specialize in creating tailored and ready-made original artwork for various spaces such as homes, offices, and modern public rooms.

I primarily work with Acrylic-Mixed Media, and I also incorporate a hybrid technique that combines acrylic painting with elements of photography to create unique pieces.

I find great joy in exploring texture and composition in my paintings. Layer by layer, I build depth, use beautiful colors, and create exciting effects that bring my artwork to life.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Art Studio. I hope you find inspiration and enjoyment as you explore my collection.


The story of "ART of ARV"

Did you know that "ARV" is the word for "Heritage" in Norwegian?


Driven by a strong passion for photography and a particular fondness for old black and white photos, my goal is to bring historical documents to life.


I create art that seamlessly fits into modern spaces while also providing viewers with a glimpse into history and a reminder of the lives, work, and inventions of previous generations.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the "ART of ARV." Together, let's explore the harmonious blend of art, history, and the captivating allure of the passage of time.


VL Lysbuen uten arv.jpg

Embracing structure


I find inspiration in the various structures and textures found in nature, as well as in the aging process of old buildings and factories. The beauty that emerges from aging fascinates me.

You'll notice different textures, crackle-effects, and structures in many of my paintings. Through a layered approach, I carefully build depth and incorporate beautiful shades of color into my artwork.




Structure closeup.JPG

Unleashing Creativity -
A Passionate Journey

While I could provide details about my education, exhibitions, scholarships or my job as a Teacher in Acrylics-Mixed Media I prefer to focus on conveying the intense connection I have with creating and making art.


For me, art is a genuine and all-consuming passion. When you acquire a piece of art from me or collaborate with me on a tailored art project, you receive more than just a work of art. You receive a piece of my passion, commitment, and, perhaps, a fragment of my artistic essence.



Examples from my production

Examples from the gallery - Original Artworks - ready for delivery

For more available Art, visit my gallery

Examples of "Tailored Artwork"

Original Artwork powered by clients own history/theme/drawings/objects. 


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