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Let't create your own unique Artwork together.  Make your history/products/drawings  "show off" and be transformed to a unique piece of Art. Art perfect for å modern office-/home- or public area.



Artist, Viktoria Lindahl creates Original Art in a special technique.

A mix between ordinary Acrylic- abstract painting and Photography. A process in several steps using both ordinary Acrylic colors and Digital Artwork and print techniques. 

VL Art of Arv.jpg
Art of Arv customer pictures.jpg

Powered by your own photos/drawings/theme

If you love historical old photos as much as I do, I am sure you have some in your archive/drawer. Photos that are a part of your own, or your companys, history can be transformed into Art that will match any modern room.  


Art for "identity" brand and culture

Using your own photos/products  in a modern Artwork will not only be a showstopper. It will focus on your  "history and identity" and be a part of your brand and culture.

IMG_4157 (Redigert).JPG

Bring history to life

"History" deserves a natural way to be displayed. Mixed with beautiful colors and structures, old scenes will be brought to new life. 

Lysbuen 20x20cm.png

Focus on a detail or a single object. 

Yesterdays, or todays, products or innovations  displayed for modern Interior.


Art created in any size and on a surface that matches your project.

I create art in "any size" to fit your interior and room. You can also choose surface of the Artwork. From ordinary Canvas to Giclee print, aluminium or glass display. 

IMG_1836 kvadrat.jpg

Single pieces or in matching series

Your can order single Artworks but also matching series in a special colorpalette or  theme. 


Tired of ordinary photos on your wall?

 Create something unique that match a modern home. For your own home or for a perfect, very special gift.


Art powered by one of your family pictures

Transform your family photos into beautiful unique Art. Designed to match the colors of your interior.

Let's get in touch to discuss your own personal Artwork

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